With tenacity, hard work and humility, it aspires to join the already existing excellent brands, in the fascinating and beautiful world of marine, tropical and freshwater fishkeeping, terrariums and urban gardens.
Behind mas-was is MAIM, SL, a biotechnological company based in Vic (Barcelona), and which in 2014 enthusiastically celebrated 25 years of experience.
The mas-was team is committed to:
  • Trust in real professional commercial agents, such as our exclusive interlocutors, to ensure our products reach the enthusiast.
  • Attend to any client as if they were Bill Gates himself.
  • Listen to clients and enthusiasts alike, in order to be able to improve and offer new, quality products.
  • And to respect the environment and reward corporate social ethics over and above the cold and dehumanised business profit.
Together we create the interest, together we enjoy it.
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Mas-Was team

P.S.: we don’t promise there won’t be mistakes, but we do promise we will work to minimise them and put them right, and so that both clients and enthusiasts are fully satisfied.

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