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MAS-WAS & Stahlschmidt DEKOholz

MAS-WAS   Landscaping or waterscaping is the philosophy of the aquarium owner that is gaining more and more fans. MAS-WAS is one of them, and following its driving principle of creating followers, always wants to present its clients with quality products at an accessible price. At the Nuremberg Fair, MAS-WAS focused on choosing a company capable of supplying a wide range of natural materials of guaranteed quality. Since then we have been putting to the test both the quality of the product and the very supplier chosen, and now, 6 months later, we can assure enthusiasts that Stahlschmidt DEKOholz GmbH is the right company....
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Some people want something to happen, others dream about what will happen, others make them happen. Nature, Life, Harmony, Elegance, Calm. MAS-WAS 2014
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MAS-WAS. Following the most demanding standards of quality with continuous work, effort and satisfaction for our clients, our most appreciated treasure. We are pleased to present MBREDA Waterscaping, the new line of natural substratum, fertilisers and conditioners MAS-WAS 2014
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