While cities are becoming increasingly bigger, greyer and dehumanised, and with fewer green spaces, because every day we are taking land from nature,… gardening has reinvented itself and is acquiring a new dimension.
Vertical gardening.

What is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden is a new dimension in gardening. It enables us to make use of a vertical plane, grey and without personality, giving it life, by composing authentic landscapes, that provide a green aesthetic and increasing its value.

Benefits of a vertical garden

We are all aware of the many benefits that plants provide us with. These have been confirmed by many scientific studies, and just as has been shown by NASA, those benefits are increased on positioning plants on a vertical plane.
Whether the placement of a vertical garden is outdoors or indoors in a home or building, the benefits they provide us with are many and of great worth.

As well as their undeniable and clear aesthetic worth, there are many more:

  • The main one is the capture and elimination of much more CO2, precisely for their vertical positioning; and at the same time enriching the air with renewed oxygen.
  • Air filtering. In the “Clean Air Study”, NASA shows that plants, in an indoor or closed space, can eliminate up to 85% of the total contamination of the air, being capable of filtering a large number of compounds, such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene, ammoniac, acetone, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide, which are found in paint, varnishes, tobacco, cleaning products, gas cooker emissions… they can even filter electromagnetic waves emitted by microwaves, televisions, computers or mobile phones.
  • They improve humidity and stabilise the room temperature.
  •  They act as sound absorbers.
  • They reduce physical complaints, such as dry skin and stuffed-up noses, helping breathing and decreasing the feeling of tiredness.
  • Environments with vegetation produce, unconsciously, positive psychological effects, relaxation and optimism.

The Spirit of Gardening

Our Green Wall Eco-systems

The MasWas Green Wall eco-systems are made up of felt panels, of 100% recycled materials, forming a non-toxic, highly resistant fibre, and with a precise porosity so that the water filters through equally towards all the plants, with uniform watering.
It is a material that optimises the growth of plants on having a neutral and non-reactive pH, and which encourages roots growing and developing healthily and vigorously, on favouring the microbiology of the soil.
Its system of pockets enables each plant to establish itself in the substratum according to its needs, as well as making it easy to plant and replace.
The whole eco-felt structure is separated from the wall by a special double lamina, rigid and impermeable, which avoids the appearance of damp.

As a whole it is the lightest system on the market, as well as being ecological and easy to maintain.

What Mas-Was offers

From MasWas we offer you a landscape study of the physical space of your choice. We analyse the light, orientation, placement, humidity, temperature, setting and the tastes and preferences of the client, always seeking the perfect adaptation and harmony of the plants with the surrounding space.

We offer our clients assessment and the possibility of undertaking regular maintenance of their vertical garden, so that it is always in the best condition.

If you are interested in our Green Wall eco-systems, do not hesitate in contacting us and one of our specialists will attend to you personally.

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