Iodine is an essential component for marine life, especially for invertebrates such as gorgonians, sponges, tunicates, soft corals, annelids and crustaceans, thus enabling an optimum growth of the macro-algae. In the sea it is present in an approximate concentration of 0.06 ppm /mg/l). In aquariums we recommend maintaining it at levels between 0.06 and 0.10 ppm. IODINE is composed of a stabilised form developed by MAS which enables its slow and progressive release while impeding its fast loss by evaporation and for the protein-skimming action. IODINE does not alter the bacterial flora of the aquarium, being innocuous for the bacteria in the recommended concentrations.
The innovative system of dilution and the purity of the product also impede its precipitate, making it unnecessary to stir the content and provide the same dosage uniformly throughout its consumption.
Add in areas of currents to facilitate its quick distribution. The regular consumption in coral reef aquariums recommends the addition of 1 to 2 ml in 100 l of water per day. A top contains 25 ml.


The MAS active carbon is treated to guarantee perfect purification of the water, without affecting the most sensitive organisms. Its extraordinary powers of absorption totally eliminate undesired colourations, chemical waste such as free residual chloride and organic contaminants. Its extreme purity prolongs the saturation time without reissuing the elements retained. The useful internal surface is more than 1100 m2/g, making it a powerful bacterial support, retaining the hanging particles.
MAS recommends its continuous use in freshwater or seawater community aquariums at 250 g for every 400 litres of water, for a maximum period of 2 months.
In aquariums with a large population or large fish we should double the quantity of the product. In coral reef aquariums, the optimum renovation time should not be more than 1 month with a quantity of 250 g. for every 400 l.
The MAS active carbon is totally phosphate free (PO ³¯). Wash with lots of water before using.


Zeolite is a mineral made up of a base of aluminium, silicon and oxygen, formed by cells of crystalline structure and uniform size. In the aquarium, zeolite is basically used to absorb ammonium and ammoniac. MAS has investigated the main types in existence to provide a product of extreme purity with great qualities. Through cationic filtration it is extremely similar to ions of ammoniac and saffron dioxide absorbing these compounds in more quantity and for more time without releasing nitrites (NO2). At the same time the maximum amount of retention is spread uniformly throughout its useful life, eliminating crashes that are harmful to sensitive organisms, with sudden drops in KH. Filtration as a molecular sieve of MAS zeolite acts by retaining solid particles from 4 μ m, being a powerful means for eliminating hanging solids and working as a support for bacterial flora.
MAS recommends the use of zeolite in both freshwater and seawater, recommending a maximum quantity of 200 ml. per 100 l. After 2 months of use, we should renew 50% monthly.

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