Where light and design meet because you have to see what is lit up and not the screen. MAS has created its LED screens as the perfect complement to the cutting-edge design of its aquariums and terrariums.

MAS LED screens

With its extra thinness, combining aluminium with methacrylate, with top-range LEDs and electronic components, we have attained for you a sharp and elegant design in the casing, and the best quality in the illumination.
It improves the growth of aquatic plants, fish and corals, and enhances the beautiful colour of all of them with sharpness and accuracy.
With the MAS LED screen, you will avoid the frequent and costly changes of T5 fluorescent tubes of conventional screens, due to the loss of their intensity and short durability.
With a useful life of up to 50,000 h. and much higher energy efficiency, you attain greater luminosity at a lower cost.
Moreover, the heat generated is considerably decreased, and with its system of passive dissipation, avoids possible burns on touching.
Its switching on is instant and without blinking light, so bothersome for the aquarium owner and stressful for the living organisms.
Unlike the fluorescent tubes in conventional screens, the MAS LED screen is free of heavy metals and toxic products.
7901   30 LEDs (283x69x9mm) FreshWater
7902   60 LEDs (583x69x9mm) FreshWater
7903   90 LEDs (883x69x9mm) FreshWater
7904   30 LEDs (283x69x9mm) Marine
7905   60 LEDs (583x69x9mm) Marine
7906   90 LEDs (883x69x9mm) Marine

The total size may increase 15 cm

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